“Our aim is to do as little harm to nature as possible. We want to give our customers full transparency in to our sustainable work.”


At Mömö Studio we don´t work as a traditional fashion brand with new collections every season. Instead we make small collections that we believe we can sell out. We keep last years pieces in the “new” collection and produce more and new pieces when we are running low in stock. We also try to make a wider product range instead of just making more of what we already have.  We don´t have sales either. We don´t believe in fast fashion “old out new in”. We belive our products last in style for more than one season. Our qualities have high requirement so it can last for more than one child and in generations. This is very important for us!


– To reduce transportation we have moved our production to Europe, Rumania.

– We buy our fabrics from Europe.


– We try to use as much leftover fabrics as possible, the products that are made of these materials are marked with a “Sustainable” tag.

– When we can’t use leftover fabrics we use GOTs Certified fabrics and organic plant coloured fabrics.

– We try to use only natural materials that are made from natural resources and no chemicals.

– From our own surplus fabrics we make accessories like our BOWs, to minimize waste.


–  We package our products in tissue paper that’s made from recycled paper and no colouring/bleaching.

– Our post bags comes from EcoEnclose and are made from 100% recycled content.

– Our stickers are made with non harmful inc.

-We email our packing list instead of printing it with your order, this way we save a lot of paper.