Three generations; grandma-Majken, myself mommy-Freja and daughter-Leona.

When Leona was born, Majken started to make her granddaughter some cute little bonnets. We got a lot of positive feedback on those creative beanies. We wanted to share them with others and decided to find a way to produce the beanies.

After looking into different options on how to produce these little gems, we came in contact with an organization called Omegaview Community Project. Omegaview is situated in the township Lavender Hill outside Cape Town, South Africa. The stars were aligned and within a couple of weeks all three of us were on a flight to Cape Town! We had such an adventure waiting for us!

SAAB helped start this whole project by sponsoring us with sewing machines and all the material we needed for the start up. To our great joy four amazing people where welcoming us in Lavender Hill. Thanks to the great cooperation with Omegaview Community Project, Mömö Studio was not just another clothing brand. By creating these beanies we were giving four lovely people the opportunity to work and make their own money. We taught them how to sew which has also given them a profession.

The word Mömö [mœ̞˘mœ̞˘] is Leonas first word and what she called her mom and grandma.

It is very important to us not to work with chemicals, but with all natural materials as far as possible. Our goal is to avoid materials that have a negative effect on the environment and health. That is why our shipping bags, hangtags and wrapping tissue consists of 100% reusable material. Our stickers are printed with vegetable based inks with low VOC emissions and paper that contain up to 55% post-consumer recycled content. And last but not least our nametags are in organic cotton.

Freja started out her career as a model but have moved on to acting and is also an artist with a lot of different projects going on.

Since having children, I have genuinely discovered all the beautiful qualities of wool. This fantastic natural source has been used for many generations but replaced by modern harmful materials. I want to bring wool back into our closets! Among other things, it makes the skin breathe and regulates body temperature as no other material and is naturally dirt-repellent with extended longevity.

If you would like to read more about its qualities, visit

We would like to thank those of you who have meant a lot for us in this project. Without you, Mömö Studio would not have existed and this project would not have been the same!

Big thanks to
Project Playground
Geronimo Productions


// Freja